General Rules (HoH Chatlands site & Forum)

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General Rules (HoH Chatlands site & Forum)

Post by Quinox on Sat Oct 24, 2015 2:44 pm

The Laws of Hell or Heaven


Hell or Heaven is intended to be a safe and welcoming community for all who join us, with that said we have rules established to ensure that everyone who participates has the opportunity to enjoy the site. Please make sure you read and follow all of our rules before continuing your visit.

Administrative Team

We're here to help! Both the chat & the forums are managed by a team of volunteers known as Administrators. They are all here to help out in keeping the site running and also ensure the safety of everyone participating. Tasks that admins maintain include, policing the chat, processing poses/rooms, & addressing any other user problems or concerns. Admins do have the ability to remove or ban users, however it is only to be used in the case of enforcing rules. At any point you should never feel discouraged to ask an admin for assistance.

Reporting a Problem

If you encounter a problem with either the site or another user you are encouraged to report it at anytime. For technical issues such as glitches, bugs, or any related problem it is preferred you use the Problem Ticket system. You may also use Problem Tickets to appeal a ban or report other users if an admin is unavailable. The best way to report behavior problems between users is by using the Report button or contacting an on duty admin. When reporting a user it is important to save the conversation that has taken place, once saved you then PM the conversation in full to the admin you called. If you cannot provide the conversation or other evidence it can be considered a false report, in which you may get in trouble in some cases.

Age Requirement

It is required of you to be 13 years of age or older to register with Chatlands. Hell or Heaven does welcome All Ages, though if you are under the age of 13 you must have parental consent to join or to visit our site. You may have your parent or guardian email us at: if they are okay with you participating. If you are underage and caught using our site you will be asked to have a parent email us at the address above, failure to do within a week will result in you being permanently banned from the site.

Public Room Rating

Being that Hell or Heaven welcomes users of all age groups, it is required of all users to keep conversations and other content suitable for everyone. There are age restricted rooms, in which you are welcome to carry on with conversations that suit that age rating though in rooms rated "All Ages" you must keep conversations within PG-13 ratings. All conversations that are not suitable for Public Rooms are to be kept within Private Rooms.

Account Responsibility

As a user of our site it is important for you to understand that you are held accountable for what you post and upload. Placing the blame on someone else that uses your account is unacceptable, it is still your responsibility to protect your account and not share passwords with anyone else. In the event you believe your account has been "hacked" or you lose your password, make sure to reset your password at the log in page.

Multiple Accounts

Yes, you may have more than one username (up to four per email address). However, you can only use one account per room. If caught with multiple accounts in the same room you will be asked to remove them, failure to do so can result in being banned.

Selling Accounts

Our site and any other Chatland's site is free to register, there are no fees to sign up. With that said we do not condone the selling of accounts, those who are caught attempting to sell accounts may be banned from the site. The reason being is to avoid users hoarding account names and having an unfair advantage over everyone else. The option to close your account is always open, that way you can free it up for someone else to use if you are no longer going to use it.

Sniff Profiles

Having an account enables you to have your own Sniff which is a profile that you can customize as you like, though keep in mind you may not have material that may be considered offensive or breaks any of our rules. If three or more users file a complaint with what is posted in your profile, you will be asked to remove the material that is being considered offensive or inappropriate.

Private Rooms

Users who subscribe to Hell or Heaven with a Standard subscription or higher, are enabled to upload their own custom room(s). Only the owner may monitor and set their own rules for there room, admins only have the ability to enforce rules if it pertains to serious matters such as Harassment, Slander, Pedophilia, Suicide Threats or Death Threats. In any other case you should enter Private Rooms at your own risk and understand Public Room rules may not apply.

Note to Room Owners: It is advised to change your age rating or for your room according to what conversations you are having. If it is left for "All Ages" conversations and other content are to be suitable for all ages. Alternatively you can also set a password to lock your room.

Disturbing the Peace & Harassment


All forms of spamming or flooding is against the rules. Spamming or flooding are when someone disrupts the chat by doing the following:

  •    Typing words one letter at a time.

       Moving your Avatar or changing poses frequently.

       Reposting the same link or sentence over and over.

       Creating a long line of text that breaks the scroll-box function.

       Frequently typing random Letters, Numbers, or other Characters.


Acts in which may annoy a user or make them feel uncomfortable is considered harassment. This can include (but not limited to): cursing, name-calling, sexual remarks, sexual harassment, racial slurs, bashing of sexual preferences, stalking or anything else that one may do to annoy another.


Continuously asking someone for funds, favors, or artwork is not allowed. Begging is considered a form of harassment, especially if the user asks of you to stop.

Death Threats/ Threats of Self-Harm

Talking about killing or harming another user is not allowed, even if it's just in RP (Role-Play). It is also advised not to talk about causing self-harm on the chat, being that it can effect others emotionally due to their personal experiences in their lives. If a threat towards another user is felt to be a serious manner a permanent ban will be placed.

Virus & Hacker Threats

We do not tolerate any form of threat that relates to sending viruses or hacking. It is advised not to talk about anything that deals with this matter, especially if it refers to harming the site itself. The consequence for making these kind of threats or talking of doing so is an instant permanent ban from the site.

Propositioning Minors

Our goal for Hell or Heaven is to provide a chat environment that is safe and enjoyable for all who visit. Being that we include younger members, we do not tolerate any sort of illegal enticement of miners. This includes but is not limited to:

Offering minors drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, cybering, yiffing - this includes role play.

Important Information Regarding Propositions to a Minor:

(1) If you proposition a minor to participate in any illegal activity, you will be permanently banned from all Chatlands sites, not just this one. Instances of propositioning minors will be reported to the appropriate Internet Service Provider (ISP) and/or legal authority.

(2) As a reminder: by your act of participating in the chatlands site Hell or Heave, you have already agreed to abide by our rules and you have already agreed to our terms of use. Any evidence of unlawful acts taking place on Myriad will be turned over to the appropriate ISP as well as possible law enforcement.

(3) If we have a reasonable suspicion that any involvement with a minor is unethical in our sole judgment, WE WILL BAN YOU, without warning, even if this situation occurs in a "role play" or "pretend" atmosphere.

Please Remember: The administration of Hell or Heaven cannot be everywhere at once, so it is up to YOU, as a user, to report any suspicious activity to the Hell or Heaven administration team quickly. We will follow up all allegations as soon as we can, and we will take necessary and appropriate action as required.

Notice: If an incident happens outside of Hell or Heaven, on systems over which Hell or Heaven admins, and/or wunderwood LLC, have no control (for example: if the users are communicating via instant messengers such as MSN, AIM, YIM, or perhaps via an email messages on,, etc), we aren't able to help. If you are a child and you have a problem, WE STRONGLY ADVISE that that you notify your parents or other responsible adult and get their help. They should contact those responsible for the service (such as AOL for AIM messengers, Microsoft for type emails, Google for type emails, etc). Be sure to save all information and any history of the problem, as this will help the authorities as they work to solve this problem.

As always, WE STRONGLY ADVISE everyone: do not give out personal contact information such as phone numbers, street address, real life names or the name of your school, any information that helps someone else you met online locate you in real life. No exceptions.

Harassing an Administrator

The admin team for Hell or Heaven is here to help, as said before. Everyone on board has accepted the job knowing that there is a lot more expected of them with extra responsibilities without pay. As a member of our site it is expected of you to understand that they're not perfect and they may make mistakes. Do not tell an admin how bad they are at their job or bash them for a decision they have made, including if it's the case of issuing a ban to you or someone you know. Also, do not beg for your poses/rooms to be accepted or constantly ask how to become an admin or to be given rank. Overall, do not harass them in anyway just as with other users. If it's the case there is a problem with how a Hell or Heaven Admin has handled the situation, or other aspect of their behavior, you may fill out a problem ticket or message an Alpha.

Problems on Other Chatlands Sites

If you go on any Chatlands site for the purpose of harassing, disrupting, disturbing the peace, or trolling, the punishment is a minimum of a one week ban from ALL Chatlands sites, not just the one where the incident took place. Any attempt to deliberately cause strife or to disrupt others on any Chatland site is treated as an attack against all Chatland sites.

False Reports

Falsely reporting another user is completely unacceptable. If you file a report against a user, and we determine that it is not true, you will receive a warning, or if serious enough, a temporary ban. If you do this multiple times, you will receive a temporary ban from the chat as a result.

Art Theft

Art Theft is taken very seriously on Hell or Heaven. This includes using a pose on this chat when the artist has made it public they do not wish their work to be used here, modifying poses that the artist has asked not to be messed with, uploading work that is not your own without the artist's permission, and more. If you ever have a question regarding the rights of a pose, please contact a member of the Art Staff. Special consequence for Art Theft:

  •    3 day ban for First Offense

       2 week ban for Second Offense

       Permanent ban for Third Offense

Bans & Kicks

Three Strikes Policy

Hell or Heaven follows the same methods as most Chatland's sites, we use the Three Strikes Policy. Meaning you're given a total of three warnings if you are caught breaking a rule, upon being caught after the third strike you are banned for up to 12 hours. If the problem continues you'll be banned for 3 days or up to a month, then in some cases you may be issued a permanent ban. If you are breaking the rules in a public room you will be asked to stop then if you continue you will be "kicked" from the room by an admin which also serves as a warning.

Ban Explanation & Ladder

If a user continues to break the rules even after numerous warnings and bans it will result in a Permanent Ban from the Hell or Heaven chatsite. Also, any serious threats towards a user or the site may result in a Permanent Ban as well.

If you are banned from the site it applies to all of your accounts. If you are caught using another account or getting passed a ban through a different method you will then be banned for an extended amount of time. Below is the list that explains the Ban Ladder.

  •    1st Offense: 12-Hour Ban from the chat.

       2nd Offense: 3 Day Ban from the chat.

       3rd Offense: 1 Week Ban from the chat & forum.

       4th Offense: 2 Week Ban from the chat & forum.

       5th Offense: 1 Month Ban from the chat & forum.

       Final Offense: Permanently Banned from the chat & forum without appeal.

Bans are only issued after the Three Strike Policy is enforced and failed to be followed by the user, all rules are enforced equally with the exception of the Suicide/Self-harm threats or Death Threats towards other users. If you are permanently banned after the 5th offense you will not be able to give an appeal, this is only the case that you have been warned or banned multiple times.

  • Clarification/Expectations

PG-13 Rating

In rooms that are rated all ages we expect the conversations taking place to be suitable for all ages, with that said we ask that you keep cursing to a minimal and never curse directly at another user.

Conversations and Posted Content

Conversations about legal substances are allowed (ex: alcohol, cigarettes, etc.) Talk about illegal or prescription drugs for informational purposes is also allowed. However, advertising, offering to sell or provide drugs or alcohol is against the rules. Especially to minors. It is advised to avoid chatting when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Sexual slang or any other related context is to be kept to minimal in public conversation. Overall rule is to not be graphic. Acts of "Cybering" or "yiffing" (role-play sexual acts) is to be kept to a whisper or private rooms. Mimicking sexual positions with your poses is also severely frowned upon, and is not allowed in public rooms

As a service to our users, the Hell or Heaven chat software automatically converts web addresses that are typed in as "speech" into clickable links. These web links open up a new browser window and display the content found at that web address. These links are typically for sites that are external to this website and are thus not under the control of wunderwood LLC. Please note that wunderwood LLC is not responsible for any content displayed when a link takes you to an external website.

Any user who enters a link to a page with pornographic images, outwardly racist content, a "shock site", extreme violence, or a site designed to affect computer performance in a negative way, may be permanently banned without warning. Hell or Heaven has a very small "black list" of websites, should any website on this list be posted in a public or private room an immediate system placed permanent ban will be placed on your account.

Additionally, any user posting a link with excessive gore, sexually explicit content, or any otherwise offensive or inappropriate content content, in a public room or in their sniff, may be banned. These bans usually begin at a 2 week length but can be higher if the content of the link is extreme enough. If you have any doubts about a particular link, avoid posting it on Hell or Heaven .

We reserve the right to judge instances where inappropriate content is linked in public or private rooms on a case-by-case basis.


**Rule changes are subject to occur when necessary without notice.**

As time goes on our rules may need updated. Any changes to the rules are to be written in this post. At any point you may contact one of Hell or Heaven's Admins to clarify and help explain any of these rules if needed.


Hell or heaven is intended to be a unique community all it's own, we want all who join us to have the best experience possible. It is up to you to help us accomplish this goal by following the rules established and also by giving your input as to what you want to see from Hell or Heaven. We hope you enjoy your stay, at any point there are any problems or concerns do make sure to contact one of our admin team members anytime. Thanks for joining us and happy chatting!

Death is just another path, one that we all must take.
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